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Entrepreneurship Vision and Mission | Difference between Vision and Mission

If you're a young entrepreneur, have you prepared your vision, mission, and value statements yet?  If not, then you skip the most important part of launching your firm.  An organization’s mission, values, and vision set the overall direction of the company. Like...

Who Is Entrepreneurship Person? Concept of Entrepreneurship

In simple word, an entrepreneur is someone who introduces, designs, launches, and starts a new business. Meanwhile, in the broader sense, entrepreneurs are those who have the capacity and willingness to organize, manage and develop a business venture to make the...

Entrepreneurship Curriculum Guide| Curriculum Framework for Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship is the key to the economy. However, SMEs (small and medium-sized enterprises) make half of the UK’s national income as well as two-thirds of all employment. Moreover, small businesses make up 99.6% of all private sector businesses in the UK. On the...

Entrepreneurship is a constant process that relies on creativity and innovation

Entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation!!!!   These are three inter-related concepts which every entrepreneur should know and use. Undoubtedly, every business eagerly wants to go ahead from its competitors, in both local and global scale. The question is...

Entrepreneurship Is Also Termed as Self Employment | A Brief Discussion

Have you just completed the graduation and confused with what to do next? Thinking like should I join in a stable job? Becoming an entrepreneur or being an entrepreneur? Before taking the final decision let me clear the basic difference of these terms and...

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Coaching Services For Business Owners and Entrepreneurs

Award & Achievement

 Rejwan Hasan Rajib has received several awards so far and has some achievements


Business Communication Training

Business communication is a strong process of business. It helps your business for a long time. This Training provided by Bangladesh Youth enterprise advice and help center (BYEAH)

Digital Marketing

Advance SEO Training

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a strong and effective marketing way. It’s a part of Digital Marketing. This Training is provided by CV Link.

Social Work

Working For Society

Always I try to something for Man like blood donation, help and education for the street child, support old age people, people suffering from disaster and so on. In recognition, this honor was given. This honor was given by an organization ( “Aso Mili Souharder Bondhone”) 






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