Entrepreneurship, creativity, and innovation!!!!


These are three inter-related concepts which every entrepreneur should know and use. Undoubtedly, every business eagerly wants to go ahead from its competitors, in both local and global scale.

The question is how you can catch up to leapfrog the competition?

What the thing makes you far better from the rest of the other?

In this article, we are gonna discuss why Entrepreneurship is a constant process that relies on creativity and innovation. Also, will cover up how creativity fuel business growth, creation, and sustainability.


The Relationship between Creativity, Innovation & Entrepreneurship



Have you ever wondered why companies haul for most innovative and creative employees?

Entrepreneurs are those people who marry their innovative ideas with enthusiastic action as well as the structure of a business.

Well, these companies don’t copy other’s work; instead, they try innovative ideas as a springboard with a unique product, service, and application, for themselves. When another company tries to copy their product, they create something new. That’s why creativity is the backbone of a company. Also, it is the key to success.

First of all, let’s see what creativity is.

What is Creativity?

Creativity is a function of curiosity, knowledge, evaluation, and imagination. Meanwhile, it is a greater knowledge base. The more ideas, level of curiosity, combinations and patterns you can achieve, and then correlates to make new innovative products and services. The pieces and bits must be shaken up or iterated in new ways. Likewise, the embryonic ideas have to evaluate usable ideas. Moreover, it’s a long process.

To be really expert on that process, first, you must understand three major levels of creativity. It includes invention, discovery, and creation.

But the thing is creativity itself is not only necessarily useful. Such as, an artist sprays graffiti on the wall. Surely, it’s a great “artwork” but may not consider creative. Why?

Well, True innovation is more likely the conversion of ideas from the creative process into a benefit. Therefore, innovation requires creativity, yet to be an innovation, it has to add value and use as well.

And now come to the point how it is related to entrepreneurship? Entrepreneurship takes gist or advantage of the innovation and developing a business on that idea. Entrepreneurship includes all the basic business disciplines such as finance, marketing, and management. Also, it is known as the “business model.”

Doing New Things with Old Things



Most creativity hasn’t accomplished by earth-shattering moments of creation, but rather simply implying “doing new things with old things.” However, most world-changing ideas come from the people who look outside the box. Yes, at first it’s quite difficult to establish your thought. But what they say, success comes just for dedicated crazy people.

Whole-Brain Approach

We all know, there are two sides to our brain. While the left side of our brain is more logical, rational and quantitative, the right side of the brain is more non-verbal, uses imagination, more visual and is creative. There is a misconception that creativity is trapped on the right side of the brain. But recent studies show that connections between our brain neurons can move between both sides. And those are the most creative creature. So entrepreneurs are more creative as well as rational and calculative.


Importance of Creativity and Innovation in Entrepreneurship

Innovation is at the core of any economy. Particularly, in those areas where existing business models and standard practices have become obsolete. However, successful entrepreneurship needs a focus on creativity, strategic business practices and integrating innovation. Meanwhile, entrepreneurship is also termed as self-employment.

Globalization on Established Businesses in Developed Economies

Modern business practices have been evolved rapidly to remain effective. However, with the explanatory globalization of the economy, many organization look internationally for both market development and manufacturing. That means jobs; wealth and growth have been moving overseas.

However, this is highly applicable to large-scale or established businesses. As the large-scale industry has standard accounted for the maximum of revenue, the out-sourcing can reduce stability.

Integrating innovation and Strategic Business Application in Entrepreneurship

Nothing is more essential than Imagination to starting a business. While, you coming up with the new idea or using modern forms to attract target-market, all you need imagination. Meanwhile, it is not only for the singular entrepreneur; it’s actually for all.

The most successful business is those who blend up creativity with inspiring innovation. Eventually, entrepreneurs handle the recognizing as well as pursuing opportunities.

3 Harsh Barriers to creativity in entrepreneurship

As an entrepreneur or startup founder, you and your team may come up with different ideas. But sometimes, that is not just enough. We see entrepreneurs who are highly creative have to deal with some challenges. Here are some common barriers.

Lack of sleep

Lack of sleep is a critical mental mindset. Most of the creative people have to suffer in sleep deprivation. They also try to be more productive by sacrificing they’re daily basic like eat, sleep, etc.

And how to tackle it? Well, spend a week without an annoying alarm clock to wake up naturally. And find time for yourself.

Pressure -The fear that you can’t be able to complete a project

Pressure rises from the need to meet the deadline or maybe to achieve a certain goal. Entrepreneurs have to deal with it badly. How to get rid of it? Find someone trustworthy and make him your pressure buddy. Besides, learn how to perform with pressure.

The fear that you aren’t creative

Entrepreneur, as well as innovative people, have to fear that they are not well enough. Sometimes, their perceptions become so strong that it turns into fear.


Steps to Improving Creativity of entrepreneurs

Let’s see the step, recommended by Robert Epstein, a psychologist as well as creativity expert.

Write down all the ideas: This simple act can increase the creative output tenfold.

Give yourself the toughest problems to solve: Involve with learning processes like the new language, a new dance move or a new instrument. Thus, it will build the problem-solving muscles in the brain.

Increase your knowledge: Try to Diverse your knowledge by reading the more novel connections, particularly outside your area of your comfort zone.

Change the physical/ social surroundings: Try something new that gives you happiness like hanging out in the coffee shop or outside, meet new people.